Will YUAN SINE SPRING become an OBM in future?
YUAN SINE SPRING ENTERPRISE CO., LTD is enthusiastic about becoming one of the major producers and exporters of OBM of wire form. We supply the maximum quality merchandise for the marketplace. Each phase in design, manufacturing, and renovation to closing scheduling is performed by an extremely trained group of professionals with years of experience. Manufactured in accordance with standardized manufacturing practices and approaches, our products work well in most facets.
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YUAN SINE SPRING now is focusing on production of spring wire. YUAN SINE SPRING produces a number of different product series, including custom torsion springs. The product is designed to make digital work easier and more precise: tapping the keyboard is rarely ideal, and often cumbersome. Its surface treatment and coatings are well-controlled for corrosion and wear resistance. Its reliability, efficiency, and longevity have won over many users in the market. Especially the long service life of the product offers great convenience for users, because users are free of the trouble of replacing bulbs frequently. The product has strong elasticity, which can quickly return to its original shape.

Customer satisfaction is our valued priority and we try our best to come up with products that cater to their aesthetics.

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