What are key manufacturers for compress spring?
YUAN SINE SPRING ENTERPRISE CO., LTD is one of the key producers of compress spring in China. Providing the best purchasing experience is our promise. Our values are reflected from the way we conduct business, constantly acting legitimately and honestly with respect both for employees and customers.
YUAN SINE SPRING is a well-established Chinese company. We are proud to be "The Partner of Choice" for the majority of the leading wave spring brands. YUAN SINE SPRING focuses on providing a variety of spring wire for customers. The steel construction of YUAN SINE SPRING metal spring is designed and engineered by our in-house professional engineers. The production of this steel- hot dipped galvanized- is also undertaken in-house by our experienced team. The product performs well in a different environment when loading. Due to its long service life, it is nearly maintenance-free. There is no need to change the light source frequently and thus it costs less in maintenance compared to the CFL bulbs. The product does not require any maintenance.

To realize the goal of enhancing customer satisfaction, we train the customer service team in a more professional way to embrace them with professional communicative skills.

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