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Stainless steel wire form for head set

Stainless steel wire form for head set

Stainless steel:
stainless steel
Total number of coils(Nt):
Free length(F.L.):
450 mm
Surface treatment:
High-temperature heat treatment:

Compression Springs & Helical Compression Springs

Compress spring shape: cylindrical, conical, convex and concave and a small number of non-circular or even a variety of tail variants, can be designed according to the product shape. End part shape has many kinds: two ends sit circle, two end grind equal. Each circle is divided around, because can withstand pressure, both ends can be open or closed or around flat or flat grinding. Compression spring for all kinds of spring is the most widely used in a wide range of products and electronics, motors, computers, information, motor vehicles, bicycles, hardware tools, gifts, toys, and even the national defence industry, because its design and principle is easy to grasp, manufacturing control is the most simple. Our Helical Compression Springs are produced in a range of different materials, from stainless steels, non-magnetic, brass and so on.

We are working for widely range applications. For example, valves, electric switches, door locking mechanisms, house ware, sporting and so on. Producing the good quality springs for customers.
We have 15 years production and customer’s information including experience. Our greatest strength lies in providing solutions in a very short time.   Our professional, experienced engineer team will be happy to help you.

Product Parameter

Wire form with colorful electroplate for headset hanger

Stainless steelstainless steel
Wire diameter1.55 mm
Outside of diameter1.5 mm
Active coil numberok
Total number of coils(Nt)ok
Free length(F.L.)450 mm
Closed and ground ok
Surface treatmentok
High-temperature heat treatmentok


Microphone & speaker box & ear headset electric accessories industries

Wire form with colorful electroplate for headset hanger

Wire form with colorful electroplate for microphone

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